Rob Stevens ist Director und Mitgründer von Bunnyfoot (, der grössten UX Beratungsagentur im England. Er ist auch Mitbegründer der International Usability Testing Partnership ( Organisation, eine Kooperation von Agenturen und Universitäten welche enheitliche Methoden, Prozesse und Werkzeuge für Usability und UX Tests weltweit einsetzt. Rob ist ein ausgewiesener Top-Experte für UX, UCD, Marketing, Vertrieb, Innovation und Unternehmertum.

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Rob’s Professional Background:

Robert graduated in Business Studies from Kingston upon Hull Business School and was recruited by KPMG. After working in IT he took up a career in Management Accounting.

In 1998 searching for a new challenge Rob joined DIVA, a startup software house which was subsequently bought out by GlobeNet an American software house specialising in Internet affiliate marketing solutions. Rob emigrated to Phoenix, Arizona to head up their business development. His experience at DIVA and GlobeNet gave him a great appreciation of the importance of usable interfaces and user experience for product differentiation, and to drive revenue and loyalty. In late 1999 he moved back to the UK to set up Bunnyfoot, a company focussed on user experience, with his lifelong fried Jon.

Inventor of the UK ‘s first internet enabled car, Rob has an innovative flair that has helped drive Bunnyfoot forward as leaders in the field of novel and demanding applications of eyetracking. Rob is a highly experienced and respected user and trainer of Tobii Eyetrackers and pioneered the Post Experience Eyetracked Protocol (PEEP), today as well known as Retrospective Think Aloud (RTA), and it’s validation in conjunction with the University of Lancaster.