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Improve user interface designs

Workshop on “Improving user interface designs by using eye tracking”

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Improve user interface designs with eye tracking


Eye tracking is a very powerful research technique that can help you to design engaging user interfaces by capturing and analyzing user attentions.

Various IT projects avoid eye tracking because of inexperience, fear of getting new insights or perceived complexity of the technique.

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Why Eye tracking?

Various IT professionals do interface designs with usability testing as part of their daily job. What can eye tracking offer them that can’t be achieved through conventional functional and usability testing? Well, for starters, traditional usability tests and studies can’t tell you how and where users spontaneously pay attention. But even more important: Where they have irritations and confusions. Why?


Reason 1: You can’t directly observe what people are looking at
Reason 2: People cannot tell you what they look at
Reason 3: Thinking aloud disrupts visual attention
Reason 4: People state opinions and like to be kind when answering questions


Key to success: Given that interest to get in-depth insight into why users behave in certain ways, make sure to ask probing questions based on your research questions and observed user hesitation and confusion.

Using Eye Tracking as a Method for designing user interfaces


Target audience: This workshop is aimed mainly at IT Professionals, Project Manager and Quality Engineers working in industry and serves as a general introduction to eye tracking and how it can be used as an exciting new method in market research and usability testing.


Your benefits: During the workshop participants will gain theoretical and methodological know-how to understand how eye tracking can be used in both qualitative and quantitative research projects. Participants in the workshop will also get some hands-on experience with various eye trackers and see practical examples and case of eye tracking projects.


Workshop topics:

  • Introduction to eye tracking
  • How do we see and what do we see?
  • Understanding eye tracking technology and the value of eye tracking
  • Using eye tracking for different types of research, examples and cases
  • Eye tracking hardware and software hands-on and demo

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