About the Gaze Tracking & Eye Tracking Competence Center Switzerland

The eye tracking competence center was founded in 2011 by the Institute for software ergonomics and usability AG in Zurich. The goal of eye tracking competence center is to promote of gaze tracking and eye tracking technology and methods in Switzerland. We support actively academic and commercial companies in Switzerland, as well as abroad in Swiss border areas.

What do we offer?

We specialize in the field of eye tracking, offering hardware, software, training, stationary and mobile laboratories and customized integrations.

As experts in the field of user experience and user research, we help our customers in setting up laboratories for studies and the integration of other products. For example, our psychologists have experience with methods of Emotion Response Analysis (ERA) using EEG, heart rate, skin conductance, pupil size and facial expression analysis. The integration of such automated measurement method, in combination with eye tracking, quickly gives clear guidance on the three most important figures in the interpretation of emotional state during the interaction of a subject: the psycho-physical excitement, commitment and frustration.

Many usability experts are accustomed to work with Morae ™. With the appropriate plug-ins, it’s easy to highlight not only the cursor, but also the Eye Gaze Tracking data on down. Most usability experts who want to work with this configuration Morae ™ to miss it anymore.

What are typical applications?

Our experts help our clients individually and as required in the application and integration in the following areas:

  • Scientific research – scientific research is the core market for the Tobii products. In particular, neuropsychology, ophthalmology, linguistics, HCI, and cognitive and developmental psychology.
  • Usability, ergonomics & UX – Usability, ergonomics and user experience testing of equipment, software and web sites is the largest commercial application of eye tracking. This area has developed rapidly in recent years, thanks to mobile devices, intuitive 3D games and interactive TV.
  • Market Research – Market and user studies are a fast growing area for the Tobii products. Retail and POS design, packaging design, online questionnaires, e-mail marketing campaigns and much more is increasingly tested with eye tracking.
  • Marketing – also in the marketing industry is becoming increasingly important eye tracking. Already from the early stages of design to examine the effectiveness of the brand, eye tracking can make a huge competitive advantage. Typical applications include TV spots, product placements, brochures and catalog layouts, point of sale design, e-mail marketing and viral marketing.
  • OEM projects – Knowing what is seen and what is not; what interests and what not, which is when important and what is not, we can also help you to integrate eye tracking into their products and processes, no matter whether it concerns the optimization of training materials, look-controlled operation of equipment or security auditing processes goes.

Additional Information

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